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Head Office NICE Automatic Gate
Jl. Bandengan Utara
Kompleks Bandengan Indah Blok A 31-32   
Jakarta - Indonesia
Telp. (021) 6627526, 6627527
HP. 08121831578, 08129679108


Ingin memasang flap barrier untuk mendukung sistem tiket/wahana bermain? Hubungi kami sekarang juga dan dapatkan software ticketing dari kami.
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Flap Barrier Gates
For people with reduced mobility or service personnel, SmartLane 912 security turnstile proposes a wider passage with enhanced access control in both directions of passage (entrance/exit). ...
Flap Barrier Gates
SmartLane 902' security turnstile provides enhanced access control in both directions of passage (entrance/exit). It offers an optimised balance between ease of passage and a compact ...
Flap Barrier Gates
SmartLane 901 security turnstile with enhanced access control in one direction of passage and dissuasive in the other, offers an optimised balance between ease of passage and a compact ...
Access Gates
The Elegant Access Gate Although Speed Gates or Tripod Turnstiles offer the optimal balance between high capacity throughput and security in the lobby of a building, their design ...
Access Gates
We are proud to announce the introduction of our slimmest, most subtle single wing access gate in our range. The Winglock Swing had been designed to coordinate with (but not form part ...
Access Gates
The All-Glass Two Wing Access Gate When a basic level of security is required in a limited amount of space, the Twinglock 900 access gate can offer a simple and effective security ...
Speed Flap Barrier
The Swinging Security Gate with Speed Like the Speedlane 900, the Swinglane 900 is a speed gate that relieves the pressure on security guards and receptionists to keep track of who ...
Revolving Doors
Twintour: The Unique Twin Revolving Door In buildings where extremely large numbers of visitors pass through with trollies, shopping carts or large luggage every day, the shape of ...
Security Doors
The High Security Portal When it is imperative that only the right person enters an area of your building, there is only one security solution that will do: our Circlelock high security ...
Security Doors
The High Security Revolving Door Some buildings and entries can only be accessible to authorised users; any possible unauthorised access is strictly prohibited. In these instances ...
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